Dave Frame

I live in Stirlingshire, and have been playing drums since I was fourteen. As music wasn't one of my subjects in high school, I begged the drum teacher to teach me out of hours. Impressed that I was so keen to learn, he agreed that he would give up his lunch breaks, if I would.

Since then, I have dedicated all my free time to Learning, playing, gigging and recording in and out of various styles of bands for the last 23 years. I feel that I have the experience, skills and passion to pass on my knowledge to students about playing styles and working as part of a band, as well as performing live and recording drums with other musicians.

I am currently very active in my rock covers band, playing and touring all over the country.

I am very happy to teach all ages from 6 years old upwards, and can provide disclosure certification on request.

I especially believe in encouraging younger children to get involved with music at an early age as it can be a fun creative way of expression, and equip them with the foundation understanding to nurture their talent as they grow.


Cameron Black

Cameron graduated from The Academy Of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey, with First Class Honours in Professional Music Performance in 2014. Having studied with many great drummers such as Pete Riley, Frank Tontoh, Steve White, and Craig Blundell, Cameron is passing on his own experience and knowledge, teaching vocational and graded material